Selection of Past Projects

Strategize, Negotiate, Leverage, Achieve

  • Government agency needs help negotiating contract for IT procurement with successful RFP bidder;
  • biotech company needs to unlock the value in its off-strategy IP portfolio;
  • IT company needs to negotiate with multiple potential licensees concurrently;
  • consulting company seeks to expand its business into new markets and new services;
  • biotech company needs to negotiate interlocking IP licensing transactions with multiple parties across relevant jurisdictions;
  • software developer needs to develop multi-tier IP licensing program;
  • healthcare company requires coordinated agreements  with different product distributors in various trading regions;
  • industry partner needs to renegotiate tech transfer agreement with university to restructure commercialization terms for new economic situation;
  • web-based business needs assistance with cross-border divestiture;
  • R & D company seeks to migrate IP assets offshore and maintain integrity of portfolio for licensing;
  • financial institution seeks to in-license mission critical software and obtain appropriate support services;
  • healthcare company needs to resolve conflict with key supplier and re-negotiate agreement terms;
  • software developer needs strategy for commercialization of its products;
  • high tech company needs strategic alliance management process;
  • educational consulting company requires IP protection & commercialization strategy;
  • IT services company considering entering new markets, requires market assessment and strategy;
  • media company requires 360 Intellectual Asset Management evaluation and process
  • pharma company wishes to develop and implement an open innovation program.